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After work on Friday I went with four lovely friends to see the National Christmas Tree! It was a little underwhelming but still fun to see. We stopped at Chef Geoff’s to wait for a drink at happy hour. It’s pretty great.

On our way over to the mall, we stopped for a few photos near The Willard. Woohoo!

We stopped to have a couple take a group photo of us (which I don’t have), & then we returned the favor. For some reason, I love this photo:

Hooray National Christmas Tree!

Yes, this ornament was on Vermont’s state tree, but I couldn’t help myself! GO HOKIES!

Washington Monument & mini state trees.

& on the other side, the White House.

The big bonfire to warm ourselves up.

And then we stopped in Santa’s workshop to say hi and ask for lots of presents since we all have been very good this year:

Merry Christmas!


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After a long trip away from home, I had a few lovely adventures this week with a few awesome people.

Monday at work started off with christening my new San Fran mug with a cup of Earl Grey, my fave tea.

I love this mug. So simple. And big.

There was a much-needed catch up session over a few happy hour drinks and appetizers at James Hoban’s. Some beer, wine, chicken fingers, wings, fries. We’re very health conscious.

Not all of the food trucks in DC enjoy coming to Dupont Circle for some reason. So when they do, it’s a big deal! Red Hook Lobster Truck decided to stop by our little corner of the city on Wednesday, so a hot cup of clam chowdah and a lobster roll were in order for lunch. The soup is a seasonal item and it was super delicious. The portion was huge! I also decided to get the Connecticut style roll–lobster poached in butter. Indulgent and awesome.

Thursday’s lunch was spent at Whole Foods with my little sister, Emily, who is home from school for winter break! The Whole Foods by our house was just renovated and has all of the yummy hot and cold food bars now! I got a mix of a lot of different things: chicken fajita, tabbouleh, orzo with spinach, a meatball, Greek chicken salad, and some mac and cheese. Lots of carbs. Whoops. And a Steaz peach iced tea! I love those things.

And now it’s finally Friday! After work today, we’re headed to see the National Christmas Tree and get some food and drinks at Chef Geoff’s and assorted other establishments. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Soooo I had planned to take a bunch of awesome cool beautiful west coast pictures last week in San Fran with my actual camera. However, between the 4 hour flight delay, which took away my one sightseeing day, and 12-hour work days on my feet, which took away all of my energy, I was limited to a few quick snapshots on my trusty iPhone.

I spent a lot of time at the lovely little airport charger ports making sure I had enough entertainment through laptop and cell phone on the 6 hour flight I had ahead of me. Yes, that is my charger I took a picture of. I was bored. So to get rid of that boredom, I got a Fat Tire at the airport bar!

Since we had such a long delay, not only do I get $100 off my next flight with United, we got complimentary booze and food! As horrible as delays can be, United really did a great job, so thanks, United! And I got to see this pretty sunset as we were flying into the west.

I stayed at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis in a corner suite. It was sweet. Ha ha…ha. That picture on the left up there is the sunrise. I was up before it every day I was there. I was only in the exhibit hall for a total of 10 minutes, but I snapped this quick pic of the Google booth. I wish I had taken one of NASA. Theirs was awesome!

We had bacon donuts in the staff room one afternoon, courtesy of San Francisco Travel. I can’t remember what shop these were from, but San Francisco Travel tells me they were from Dynamo Donuts, and they were delicious. Thanks! And finally, my one “real” shot of San Francisco, some cable cars at Market and Powell. I snapped this while we were waiting to meet up with friends for our BART ride to the airport.

Besides food provided by the convention center for breakfast and lunch, dinners were the only real chance for some culinary exploring. I enjoyed a few meals with Lauren and a few others when we could be spared from work. We stopped by Super Duper Burgers, which was so yummy, as burgers usually are. We also went to Giordano Bros for some stuffed sandwiches at the request of another friend. The last night, I went with a big group to Salt House, which was a lot more upscale than anything else we had that week. It was such a pretty place with lots of exposed brick and nice, big windows. Also, very delicious!

Peace out, West Coast. Hope to see you again soon.

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a sailing story

Time to tell a story of a sailing trip. Months and months ago, two friends and I bought an online voucher for a three-hour sunset cruise on the Potomac River through DC Sail. After failing the entire summer to coordinate schedule and book the cruise, we finally booked for a weekend in October.

The day before that cruise, the captain had a family emergency and all of the backup captains weren’t available. So, plans foiled again, we were rescheduled for the following weekend.

The cruise was BYOB, so we picked up some wine, cheeses, bread, and other assorted snacks. We waited on the dock with a group of other people booked on the cruise. And killed some time with the fake helm on the dock.

After standing around for a while, we were informed that the engine was broken and there would be no sailing that night. That weekend turned out to be the last weekend for cruises of the year.

Instead of heading all the way back home with our bags of food and drink, we decided to wander down the Southwest waterfront and find somewhere to sit and eat.

We ended up finding a nice spot with tables and chairs overlooking the water. Cracked open the wine and spread some pimento cheese on bread. Really nothing better than that.

We watched a bunch of people climb up the mast of a big ship and tie up the sail. It was facsinating to watch them up there just standing on a rope folding this thing.

We had a great time sitting, talking, eating and drinking while the sunset. The night ended up being rather cold, so in the end we were glad we didn’t have another hour out on the chilly water.

So I guess sometime next spring there will actually be a sailing story to share.

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