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Twenty-four years ago yesterday, on my mom’s birthday, she brought me home from the hospital. She lets me know every year that I was her birthday present that day; and I remind her every year that I still am.

To celebrate both of our birthdays, we have gone out to dinner at Clyde’s for the past few years for their September lobster deal. 1 and 1/4 lb Maine lobster for $18. Not too bad at all, especially when I really only have lobster on this one day a year. I drove straight from work to the restaurant, as it was closer than driving all the way out to my parent’s house. I got there with a little while to wait for them to arrive, so I got us a table and ordered a glass of wine. I believe it was a Chenin blanc, which the waiter recommended since they didn’t have Sauvignon blanc offered by the glass. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t awful or anything. A little too fruity for me I think?

I didn’t have to wait too long for mom and pops to arrive. We immediately ordered some grilled oysters: made with chipotle butter, ham, and Parmesan cheese. They were excellent. And of course, my mom and I ordered the lobster, which came with cute little lobster bibs, which I did not end up using.

After eating dinner, we got to talking about food and for some reason, going to Red Lobster. I mean, who doesn’t love those cheddar bay biscuits! The last time we had gone there was for my 14th birthday; the night before September 11, 2001. We each talked about that next day and our different experiences, since we hadn’t really talked about it. Where we all were and how much has changed. I won’t ever forget what I was doing that day and how things unfolded in the hours and days after, especially living so close to DC. My mom compared it to the experience she and my dad had when JFK was assassinated–never forgetting the moment you found out; they were both in their Biology classes, different states and schools. It wasn’t the most lighthearted of after-dinner conversations, but it’s important to share and hear those types of recollections and to take a moment to reflect. In remembrance.


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